It’s all in the “ist”

It’s all in the “ist”

May 13
It’s all in the “ist”


Call a Specialist!

If you were sick and something was seriously wrong you would more than likely be referred to a ‘Specialist.’ Someone who is an expert in their field, whatever that may be.  Perhaps a dermatologist or oncologist you may need to have an x-ray in which case you would see a radiologist.

Great business people who are passionate about their field whatever it may be. They generally have very specialist advice and knowledge to share.  I recently had my car valeted.  The man who came to do the work has his own business and he is passionate (as I am) about cars.  He was able to impart all sorts of specialist knowledge about the paintwork with regards the depth and his knowledge of products and their effects was also staggering.

Passion for Business

You probably have the same passion for your field of business.  Let’s be honest if someone asks you about what you do, you could probably talk for hours on the subject.  That’s great it’s your comfort zone it is where you are happiest.  It is probably the reason you started your business.  You didn’t start it so that you could do all the other ‘stuff’ that goes along with it.  You know the ‘boring’ admin type stuff, the stuff that sits at the bottom of your to do list. 

Passion for Customer Service  

Answer-it started from a passion for customer service and sales.  Wanting to deliver the best possible experience and to help businesses do the same and help them win those sales.  We know the phone can be a real bind.  It always rings at the most awkward moment possible.  You might have been in the office all day, then go to set foot out of the office and off it goes.

 If you like we are Answerists!  We specialise in answering the phone.  That’s what the Answerettes do best.  So if you want to stay passionate about your business and be the specialist you are, it might be worth talking to us, to see how we can help.

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