CRASH Test your Customer Service

CRASH Test your Customer Service

Jun 15
CRASH Test your Customer Service

Would your business survive a CRASH Test in customer service?



As a business are you contactable.  Can customers reach you when they need something?  Or do they leave a voice mail or have to dial one of the many numbers listed on your business card?


Can your customers rely on you for consistent service? Surely this is the key to turning them into advocates of your business and recomending you to a contact.


Are your terms and Conditions and they way you trade acceptable to your customers.  Is the way you resolve issues acceptable?


Do you act quickly in your business.  Are any issues resolved swiftly and without delay?


We all like to think that we are helpful to our customers, but is it the right kind of help.  Is everyone in the business empowered enough to be able to help?

In recent discussions with various people about ‘Customer Service’ the biggest issue that people complained about was  not being able to speak to someone on the telephone.  People found it very frustrating either listening to the phone ring out or reaching a voicemail. can help!

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