Apr 20

Dedication Communication, dedication communication
Dedication Communication, that’s what you need,
If you wanna be the best,
If you wanna beat the rest,
Oh-oh dedication’s communication’s what you need;
If you wanna be a record break-er Business success, Oooooh.

Those of you of a certain age will no doubt recognise these lyrics.

Communication is key in the business world today and with all the mediums we now have open to us it is important that the most basic  ‘speech’ is not left behind.
Email is all well and good but in a lot of circumstances only a telephone call will do.  Email and the written word can all too often be misconstrued either by unfortunate wording as well as it being very hard sometimes to grasp the tone of an Email.

Humans like to communicate, it is in our nature.  Since the dawn of time the human race has strived to communicate with each other more efficiently than ever before.  from cave drawings, to papyrus scrolls in Ancient Egypt,  messages sent around the world from Rome using those famous roads of theirs.  Humans have always strived to get their message heard to communicate with each other.  This was never more important than to the ancient traders on the silk and spice routes.

The spoken word is the most powerful tool in the business arsenal. Alexander Graham Bell gave  a huge gift to the business community by way of the telephone, making long distance communication faster than ever before.  His creation now more than ever works hard for business, but only when there are people at either end.

The annoyance and daily stress we hear about voicemail, auto attendants and worse the engaged tone or no answer, mean that the effectiveness and power of the telephone is weakened.  Make sure your business telephone is answered every time it rings.  Keep the telephone powerful!

So keep humming that tune! Communication, communication …

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  1. Spot on Emma! Communication is about listening as well as talking and tone of voice is really important. Important on the phone and also in presentations. (That’s why speakers should spend more time talking and listening and less time on bloody powerpoint presentations!)
    Have you done a survey on the most annoying thing about phones? For me its the engaged tone – no chance to even leave a message so I usually forget to call again.

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