Answer-it was conceived late in 2006, born of the frustration of not being able to speak to people at various companies on the telephone. 
Being from a sales orientated and customer service background it was also glaringly obvious that this Tele PA service was one that many business could benefit from. 
Getting SME’s out of the rut of working in the business and enable them to work on their business by supporting them in answering the phone for them.  Taking off the pressure, freeing them from the burden and fear of missing a call, that vital order or enquiry or that all important sale.

Doing more than just acting as a human answer phone.  Acting as the conscientious employee, taking a message, giving information, taking orders, bookings and sales leads.  Doing what a great receptionist should be doing and what a voice mail simply cannot.

The ethos of Answer-it has and always will be to help and support small business in growth by taking away the pressure of the ringing phone, and making the telephone work harder for SME’s

Without 'Answer-it' your business telephone might only be this effective.

Without 'Answer-it' your business telephone might only be this effective.

© Emma Fryer 2009

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