Thinking outside the box!

Thinking outside the box!

May 09
Thinking outside the box!

Many people ask what our typical client is.

Our answer – there really isn’t a typical client! We work with a huge range of clients from a massive cross section of business sectors.

Although we provide telephone answering for clients you might deem as ‘typical’ for example accountants, solicitors, finance, recruitment and consultants we also work with businesses you might not consider typical. Including florists, IT, technical, software and R and D companies we also supply telephone answering to publishers, business brokers, the motor trade, marquee companies, catering companies as well as a mobile petting zoo and various trades including plumbers, heating engineers and landscape gardeners.

They think outside the box.

What we know about our clients and say with confidence is that they all think outside the box. They are committed to providing excellent customer service. They are ambitious and want to grow their business. For some the decision to outsource their telephone answering and trust someone to answer their telephones was very difficult. This can be due as we have found out to sometimes horrendous previous experiences. Others have needed to stop taking their own phone calls in order to change the way that they work to be more productive.

As part of our clients extended team, by sharing information, doing our research and with a genuine passion to help we find trust is built quickly. This means that our clients can confidently get on with their day leaving the phone in safe hands. Secure in the knowledge that each caller will be helped in the best way. We receive lots and lots of Emails from new clients usually during their free trial week to say they really aren’t quite sure what they did before turning to the Answer-it service. We are hugely proud of the fact we have a long list of clients from all sectors who have been loyal to us for many years they have all grown and evolved but continue to use our service, albeit in a different way than when they first started using it.

What have you got to lose?

A trial week is easily arranged and what have you go to lose? Other than missed calls, and wasted time dealing with cold callers and recorded messages?

Give us a call today or send us an Email and we can get things started for you.

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