Jun 19

Business is tough and competition fierce.

Business is as we all know, is tough, competition is fierce.  Here in Cambridge we have recently lost HMV from the main area of the city centre.  It got me thinking, as there is now just 1 specialist music and DVD retailer in the city.  It is owned by the same group and it is unclear how long it will remain open.  

Looking at my own buying history from this type of store.  I might drop in and buy a new release CD or DVD if I am passing. I have to line up (shocking!) pay with cash or a card (again shocking!)  The advantage however is I can ask someone in the store if I am looking for something specifically, find out when something is due to be released or if something has been discontinued. 

Contrast with Amazon or iTunes (who seem to be doing pretty well) – I can be ANYWHERE literally now using my iPhone and order whatever I might want.  Indeed there is a very handy app that I have.  If I hear a song playing while I am out and I am not sure what it is, the app will identify it and link me straight to somewhere I can buy the song or album.  Amazon’s very handy ‘one click’ both on their website and on their app means I can order something wherever I am and if it is for my Kindle the book is available instantly.  Deadly on the bank balance as it is so simple and quick to do.

Make it easy

Why then, when companies are making it so easy to buy from them are others making it so difficult?

I appreciate that you don’t want to be Amazon or iTunes, but still there are ways to make the whole buying experience easier on your prospects.  I appreciate you may not be in the retail sector at all you may have a service to sell.  The principle is still the same.  Do you make contacting you easy?  Is your business contactable by phone, by that I mean can callers actually speak to someone (not an automaton) each time they call?  This sounds really simple doesn’t it.  Making sure each call is answered can have outstanding results.  It means your prospect is engaged immediately, they are not talking to your competition they are talking to you.  Using Answer-it means that the information you receive is useful.  You know what the prospect needs before you speak to them, meaning any research or quotes that need to be worked out can be done swiftly and delivered in a very timely manner.

 Go on, why not try it call us today and ask about a Free Trial Week.

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