Guest Post ‘If you snooze you loose!’ By Richard White

Guest Post ‘If you snooze you loose!’ By Richard White

Dec 03

If you snooze you loose

Sarah was looking for a copywriter to help with her website. She had asked her friends and had got a list of people to call. Now Sarah was working through the list and started to get really frustrated. Call after call resulted in a very polite voice mail message. Like so many other people, Sarah hated to leave a message. What is more, the recordings were so bad she was not going to call back. The third person on the list answered and that was the copywriter who got the work.


How much business is lost every day just because of answer phones? We will never really know how many enquiries we have missed. We do know that people like to speak to people and not a machine! Once we get to know someone then leaving a message on an answer phone is not such an issue – we do it everyday with our mobile phones. However, leaving a message with a total stranger is not quite the same thing.


If you cannot answer the phone yourself then get someone who can. Even if it is just when you are out of the office. I have used a telephone answering service for the last 8 years and messages are instantly sent to me by SMS so I can respond quickly. Shop around and make sure you choose a supplier that is right for your business. In these times of economic slow down we cannot afford to let a hard won enquiry slip though our fingers. ‘If you snooze you lose’ as the saying goes!

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