Customer Service – ‘Should you get what you pay for?’

Customer Service – ‘Should you get what you pay for?’

Aug 24

Customer Service – ‘Should you get what you pay for?’

Do you expect outstanding customer service regardless of the amount you have paid for a product or service?
Or are you fully accepting that by paying a little bit less you know you are compromising on service.
Would you rather pay a fraction more to know that the service you are going to receive will be much better and you will feel valued as a customer.  Indeed should you have to pay more to be safe in the knowledge that you will be treated well?

My response to the question above is a loud and resounding ‘NO’  I have a choice in who I conduct business with and I feel I deserve great service regardless of who I choose because I have that choice.

If it turns out I made a bad choice and I receive poor customer service, I can choose again.  But we all know that repeat business is a great thing especially when it leads to reccomendations.

So where does your business stand on customer service?  Do you aim to deliver the best experience to all of your customers every time they have contact with your business.

Do you have set standards that your customers can expect and do you regularly exceed these expectations?

On a daily basis ‘Answer it’ helps many different types of business deliver exceptional customer service to their clients, prospects and anyone they might conduct business with.

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